Cal Teach Program

The goal of Cal Teach is to increase the number and retention of new, highly qualified science and mathematics teachers in high-need California public schools. A sequence of three school-based K-12 internships and accompanying UCSC seminars are central to the Cal Teach program and are designed to foster undergraduates’ interest in and successful preparation for teaching careers. Cal Teach also provides academic and career advising, enrichment opportunities, and financial support for prospective and novice science or math teachers who have completed at least one Cal Teach internship. Cal Teach participants go on to a variety of careers in which they apply the skills and knowledge gained: teaching at all levels (K-12, community college, university, and informal education) and working in a wide array of science and technical fields.

UCSC’s Cal Teach program serves UCSC undergraduates and prospective transfer students from regional community colleges. Students who are planning to complete an undergraduate major in science, mathematics, or engineering are eligible to participate. These students may begin their Cal Teach involvement any undergraduate year. Also, college graduates with academic or professional training in science, mathematics, or engineering may enroll through UCSC Extension. Check out our informational brochure

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Cal Teach is the programmatic expression of UC’s Science and Mathematics Initiative (SMI), which was developed in response to the Governor’s call in May 2004 for the preparation of more highly qualified secondary science and math teachers to help California meet its workforce needs. Across the UC system, science, engineering, and education faculty and administrators have implemented strong SMI/Cal Teach programs. On most UC campuses, as at UCSC, the first cohort of students began their internship experiences in spring 2006. UCSC’s first Cal Teach graduate began teaching in north Monterey County in 2008, and now Cal Teach graduates teach in schools throughout the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas, the state, and around the country.

UCSC Administrative and Academic Structure

UCSC’s Cal Teach program is based in the Physical and Biological Sciences Division and operates in close cooperation with the Education Department. The Dean of Physical and Biological Sciences is the administrative lead for UCSC’s Cal Teach program. Internships, scholarships, and student advising and support are provided from the Cal Teach space in Jack Baskin Engineering Building. Undergraduate coursework is offered through the Education Department. Cal Teach provides scholarship support for many interns who enroll in the Education Department’s MA/credential program.