Cal Teach Intern Toolkit

Are you a Cal Teach intern? Are you looking for Cal Teach internship information/instruction or Cal Teach-specific forms? Then you have come to the right place!  This toolkit has many important resources and helpful instructions to help guide you.
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Mid-Quarter Meeting Self Assessment
Mileage Reimbursement
Academic-Year Internship Scholarships

Cal Teach Engagement Award

Cal Teach recognizes its most active participants with its Engagement Award at the annual End-of-Year Awards Ceremony & Celebration.

Awardees earn at least 10 points in an academic year (e.g. 21-22 academic year will include: Summer ’21, Fall ’21, Winter ’22, Spring ’22) by:

  • completing Cal Teach internships
  • supporting the Cal Teach program
  • supporting or engaging in educational research
  • and other types of professional preparation

Email Cal Teach Program Assistant Emily Scioscia at or stop by the Cal Teach Office to submit your points!