Cal Teach Intern Toolkit

Are you a Cal Teach intern? Are you looking for Cal Teach internship information/instruction or Cal Teach-specific forms? Then you have come to the right place!  This toolkit has many important resources and helpful instructions to help guide you.
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Mid-Quarter Meeting Self Assessment
Mileage Reimbursement
Academic-Year Internship Scholarships

DACA and International students

International Students (F-1 Visa Holders)

International students are welcome to apply for a Cal Teach Internship. However if you are a current F-1 visa holder, UCSC policy mandates that additional requirements are met in order to participate. Please contact Cal Teach before submitting your application to discuss eligibility. 

In order to participate in a Cal Teach Internship as an F-1 visa holder, the following requirements must be met per UCSC policy:

  • Your major/minor must be declared & Cal Teach internships must be directly related to your degree (ie Math or Science Education majors, STEM Education minor).
  • You must have 1 year of full-time classes in good academic standing.

Cal Teach staff will work with you and your International Advisor to submit a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) which will need to be approved by UCSC International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS). This process can take a few weeks to complete, and if approved, you will receive an I-20 authorization. You may not start your internship until you have the I-20 authorization. 

Note: To receive a Cal Teach scholarship, there are additional requirements separate from the CPT process. To be eligible to receive Cal Teach scholarships, students must have a social security number, ITIN, or EAD card. Your International Advisor can help us determine your eligibility and submit additional paperwork if needed. Please be advised that not all international students are eligible to receive a scholarship for their participation in a Cal Teach Internship.

DACA Students

Students with DACA status are welcome to apply for a Cal Teach Internship. In order to receive a scholarship or reimbursement, we will simply need a copy of your EAD card on file. You may need to submit this when submitting your 204 payee form.

Note: Some components of our program are funded by grants that may only financially support U.S. citizens or permanent residents. 

Fingerprinting and TB Testing

In order to intern in a classroom, you must be fingerprinted through the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Additionally, you must provide proof of a negative TB test (either a blood or skin test, not a screening). Once admitted into the program, Cal Teach staff will contact interns with additional directions and information.

Cal Teach Engagement Award

Cal Teach recognizes its most active participants with its Engagement Award at the annual End-of-Year Awards Ceremony & Celebration.

Awardees earn at least 10 points in an academic year (e.g. 21-22 academic year will include: Summer ’21, Fall ’21, Winter ’22, Spring ’22) by:

  • completing Cal Teach internships
  • supporting the Cal Teach program
  • supporting or engaging in educational research
  • and other types of professional preparation

Email Cal Teach Program Assistant Emily Scioscia at or stop by the Cal Teach Office to submit your points!