The Cal Teach courses provide an opportunity for in-depth exploration of science or math teaching careers. They serve as an introduction to teaching and a foundation for pursuing a teaching career. The courses complement any science, math, or engineering major or minor.

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2022-23 Class Schedule

Fall 2022

CaT1 Math

EDUC50B     Tue 7:10-8:45 pm     JBEB 165     Instructor: Hayley Vandercook

CaT1 Science

EDUC 50C     Tue 5:20-6:55 pm     JBEB 165     Instructor: Emily Maddox

Winter 2023

CaT1 Math

EDUC50B     Tue 7:10-8:45 pm     PSB 140    Instructor: Hayley Vandercook

CaT1 Science

EDUC 50C    Tue 5:20-6:55 pm     PSB 140     Instructor: Emily Maddox

CaT2 Math/Science Combo

EDUC 100A    Wed 5:20-6:55     JBEB 165     Instructor: Courtney Bowman & Luke Webb

Spring 2023

CaT2 Math

EDUC100B    Wed 5:20-6:55 pm     PSB 140     Instructor: Courtney Bowman

CaT2 Science

EDUC100C    Wed 5:20-6:55 pm     PSB 136    Instructor: Luke Webb

CaT3 Math/Science Combo

EDUC185L    Tue 5:20-6:55 pm     JBEB 169     Instructor: Molly Shaw

MBAMP Special Project: Math Games

EDUC197A/B    Thu 5:20-6:55 pm     JBEB 142     Instructor: Kevin Deutsch


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Cal Teach 1 is the introductory academic-year internship offered by UCSC’s Cal Teach program.
Prospective science or math teachers who successfully complete a first internship may continue with further Cal Teach internships.
Cal Teach offers a week-long intensive internship before the UCSC academic year begins.
The Cal Teach Special Project is an individual studies (independent study) project to work with K-12 students
Cal Teach recognizes its most active participants with its Engagement Award at the annual spring awards ceremony.