Have you completed at least one internship through Cal Teach?

Do you want to be recognized for your work preparing for a math or science teaching career?

Read on!

Cal Teach recognizes its most active participants with its Engagement Award at the annual spring awards ceremony.

Awardees earn at least ten points in a year* by:

·      completing Cal Teach internships,
·      supporting the Cal Teach program,
·      supporting or engaging in educational research, and
·      other types of professional preparation.


*an “academic year” for these purposes will start in the summer prior to the fall quarter start, in the interest of summer internships points being included for the following year (e.g., 19-20 Academic year will include: Summer ’19, Fall ’19, Winter ’20, Spring ’20)


Want to know how you can start earning points? Click here: Cal Teach Engagement Award 


Cal Teach will keep track of your points and update our records periodically. Please email Emily Scioscia (emilys@ucsc.edu) or come by the Cal Teach office to submit your points!

See who has won in past years: 2023, 2022, 20212020