The Cal Teach Special Project is an individual studies (independent study) project to work with K-12 students on science or math topics, ideally, involving inquiry-based learning. The type of placement is very open: interns may work with students who are pulled out of their regular class (for remedial or advanced support); interns may work with clubs or enrichment programs at a school or other educational setting. Some background reading and short writing assignments are expected, but the main emphasis is the internship experience.

What is expected of Special Project interns?

Special Projects interns must:

  • have successfully completed the CaT1 internship
  • have a project idea or interest in an available Cal Teach project
  • be able to commit 3-9 hrs/week to the project (to receive 1, 2, or 3 units of UCSC credit)
  • recruit a Cal Teach sponsor (typically the Director or Intern Coordinator)
  • read appropriate background materials and submit short written assignments, negotiated with the Cal Teach sponsor
  • be an enrolled UCSC undergraduate with significant math, science, or engineering background
What are the benefits of Special Project?

Special Projects interns will:

  • gain instructional experience with children in informal or non-traditional educational settings (usually)
  • experience the satisfaction of supporting science or math learners
  • be supervised on site by a credentialed teacher or experienced education professional
  • have flexibility to develop a unique, creative project
  • receive 1, 2, or 3 units of credit (for a project involving 3, 6, or 9 hours each week)
  • receive a transportation stipend if the placement is more than 10 miles from UCSC
  • be reimbursed for required fingerprinting and TB testing
  • receive a scholarship, ONLY if one is available for the specific project

How to Apply for a Special Project Internship:

You should begin this process at least two weeks before the end of the preceding academic quarter!

Instructions: Individual Studies Form

  • Step 1: Identify an internship project you would like to do and determine whether your schedule would support such a project. Review the Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course form.
  • Step 2:  Email or schedule a meeting with your proposed project sponsor to discuss your ideas. Send or bring the Individual Studies form, your most recent Course History or unofficial transcripts, and your plan of classes for the quarter you want to do the internship.
  • Step 2a: Complete any follow up research or planning to get the project ready to start.
  • Step 3: In collaboration with the project sponsor, complete the Individual Study Course Form. Get the Class Number and a Permission Code from the project sponsor to enroll.
  • Step 4: Submit the signed Petition form to Cal Teach and enroll. Cal Teach will forward the form to the Education Department for additional signatures there, give you a copy, and keep a copy.
Click here to access the form